On Thursday 15th June, 27 very excited members, sighted guides and 4 guide dogs basked in the sunshine of Sunny Hunny – It was the perfect day for a visit to the seaside! We split up into small groups to make sure everyone had an opportunity to visit old haunts and experience something new. One of the most enjoyable experiences was to see and hear the guide dogs let loose on an unpopulated part of the beach. The tide was in and they had a great time chasing each other through the water. Click here to see more pictures of the day in the gallery page.

Some of the members visited the sensory garden for the Blind on the way to the old lighthouse and returned in time for fish and chips and an ice cream on the sea front. We arrived back in Peterborough at 5.30 having had a fabulous time. Thanks to our bus driver Shaun for getting us there and back safely and a big thank you to the Peterborough Rotary club who donated £350 to pay for the trip.