The PAB Diners’ Club is a social event involving good food and good company. Each month a different venue is chosen in or near Peterborough that has a great selection of food and a good ambiance. Many visually impaired people feel conscious about eating out in restaurants for fear that people are watching them, so this is a great way to be surrounded by people who are all going through the same experience.

The club usually meets every third Wednesday of the month and diners normally try to gather at the chosen venue at 7.00pm. You are most welcome to bring a friend, guide or guide dog. The cost of the event is only what you eat and drink.

In some cases, it may be possible for the PAB to help with transport to these events. We sometimes have access to a minibus which enables us to offer a door to door service.

If you have any suggestions for interesting places to eat, that offer a wide range of food to suit all tastes, then please let us know! To find out where the next meeting will take place and for further information on attending this event, please contact the PAB or the organisers below:

Irene Grant  01733 233 911

Ev Beaver  01733 238 474