A few times a year we organise day outings for our members, and travel by coach to a variety of different places. The trips are largely funded through the PAB, but we do ask for a small donation to help cover the cost. We have trained sighted guides with us to help make the day as enjoyable as possible for you, and of course you are welcome to bring your own guide or guide dog.

Outings are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Too many visually impaired people struggle to leave there homes and a short day trip is often a refreshing change from the same four walls. It’s also a great opportunity to visit somewhere new that you might not have thought of going before.

If you have any suggestions for where our next trip should be, please get in touch. Some of our more recent trips have included a visit to Sheringham for a ride on the steam train, Downtown near Grantham for some Christmas shipping and a day out in Hunstanton.

If you would like information on the next planned activity or would like to take part, please contact the PAB for more details.