Are you aware that if you are blind (severely sight impaired) and can provide the appropriate evidence, you are eligible to apply for a 50% concession on your TV licence? Unfortunately, people who are partially sighted (sight-impaired) do not qualify for a 50% blind concession at this time.

If you live with someone who is blind (severely sight impaired) you can also benefit from the blind concession TV Licence. You just need to transfer the licence to the name of the blind person. If you have already paid the full fee for a TV Licence, but qualify for a blind concession you may be entitled to a refund.

Around 16,190 people in the East of England are registered as blind (severely sight impaired) and could apply for the concession. Live-in carers or family members could also benefit from the concession as once in place the licence covers any equipment used to watch or record TV at the address. A blind concession TV Licence costs £72.75 for colour and £24.50 for a black and white TV Licence.

Mark Whitehouse, spokesperson for TV Licensing in the East of England, is working with the RNIB to ensure everyone eligible for the concession is claiming the discount they are entitled to.

“TV continues to be a popular form of entertainment for many people with sight loss, thanks in part to recent improvements in talking TV programme guides and the increasing range of assistive software for tablets and laptops making it easier than ever to enjoy programmes at the touch of a button. We would encourage people registered with severe sight loss to take advantage of the reduced TV Licence if they haven’t already done so.” Jamie Dormandy, head of customer service and support at the RNIB

How to apply for a blind concession

You can call TV Licensing on 0300 790 6112 or click here to complete the application form. You will need to print the completed form, then post documents that prove you’re certified as blind (severely sight impaired) such as a photocopy of your local authority document or ophthalmologist’s certificate. Send along with your payment to:

TV Licensing
Blind Concession Group
DL98 1TL

If you would like help in applying for your discount, please contact the office.


Posted July 2015