In October 2014,, the organisation we use to collect online donations on our behalf, are starting a new ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign.  LocalGiving will match one-time donations given to the PAB (pound-for-pound) up to £10 and until the money runs out (which can sometimes happen within a few days!).

As the money is paid on a first come basis, we need to make sure that we push for donations and sponsorship while the campaign runs to maximise on the money we receive. For example, after a small processing fee, a £10 single donation with Gift Aid means the PAB receives £21.54! Previous campaigns like this have enabled the PAB to secure an additional £659 of donations! If you are thinking about making a donation, or already have money to donate, please save it until the campaign starts.

When the campaigns are running, this will be stated clearly on the PAB page of the LocalGiving site at and in the news section of our website. To donate, click on the pink donate now button at the top of our website.

Click here for more information on LocalGiving