From October 15th 2013, (the organisation we use to collect online donations on our behalf) have been running their ‘Grow Your Tenner 2013’ campaign. Thanks to the Office for Civil Society (who hold responsibility for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations in the Cabinet Office) £500,000 has been made available to LocalGiving, so they are able to double donations up to £10 until all £500,000 has been allocated.

As the money is paid on a first come basis, we need to make sure that we push for donations and sponsorship while the campaign runs to maximise on the money we receive. For example, after a small processing fee, a £10 single donation with Gift Aid means the PAB receives £21.54! On monthly donations, LocalGiving are doubling up to £10 a month for six months, meaning the PAB would receive an extra £60. The last time a campaign like this was run, the PAB managed to secure an additional £659 of donations! A green information box on the LocalGiving PAB page indicates if the campaign is still running.

How to make a donation

To make a donation, either click on the ‘single donation’ or ‘give monthly’ buttons at the top right of the website. A message will appear saying you need to be logged in as a supporter to make a donation. Click on the ‘login as a supporter’ button. If you have donated before so have already registered, you can enter your email address and password on the left hand side. If you are donating for the first time, create an account by entering your name, email address and choose a password. Once logged in, you can then enter how much you would like to donate and choose your payment method. It only takes a couple of minutes to register and send the money, and PAB are grateful for any amount you can donate – no matter how small – every penny makes a difference. Click here to make your donation.


FAQs: Grow Your Tenner 2013

Q: Is there any limit to the amount of funding that can be matched?
A: Yes, will match £500,000 in donations for the Grow Your Tenner 2013 Match Fund. Each charity can receive a maximum of £1,000 in matched funds via single donations, and £10,000 in matched funds via monthly donations.

Q: How does Grow Your Tenner work?
A: Donations made to eligible charities in England through the website will be matched pound-for-pound up to £10 per donation. New monthly donations set up during the campaign will be matched up to £10 a month for six months. Donors can make individual donations between £5 and £1,000 on the website.

Q: How many donations can I make?
A: You can make as many single donations to as many charities as you like. You may set up monthly donations to as many different charities as you like. But, you may only set up one monthly donation per individual charity.

Q: Does a charity have to be registered with to be eligible?
A: Yes, only charities in England that are registered with and have a paid up subscription can take advantage of Grow Your Tenner.

Q: Where is the Match Fund money coming from?
A: The pot of £500,000 is a grant from the Office for Civil Society.

Q: Is Gift Aid be included in the Match Fund?
A: Only the donation amount is matched, but Gift Aid will deliver an additional 25% (less admin costs) to the original donation. For higher rate tax payers, an additional 25% may be claimed for a total boost of 50%.
Click here for more information on LocalGiving or here for more information on Grow Your Tenner 2013 campaign. Alternatively, you can contact them directly using the details below.



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