On Friday the 15th of may, EastEnders star June Brown BME, who plays chain smoking Dot Cotton in the soap, took part in BBC radio 4’s ‘The thought chamber’.

The Thought Chamber is a room devoid of light and sound, where a guest is left on their own for up to an hour. During that time, they are asked to vocalise the thoughts that come into their head, resulting in a snapshot of the inner workings of their mind.

In many ways, the results are much more revealing than a traditional interview, as no one can anticipate the subject matters or the direction of where the mind is going. We hear memories, fears, concerns, ambitions, insights, dreams, fantasies – as well as the day-to-day mundane problems that everyone faces.

While in the room, the 88 year old actress admitted that she is losing her eyesight. She said  “I see things in my eyes now. My eyes are not very good. In the left occasionally I do get this small circle with what looks like cross-wires [explaining how it’s similar to the cross-hairs view of a rifle]. I do pray about my sight – maybe it will return.”

June has played Dot for 3 decades, after joining the cast when she was 58. In 2008 she was made an MBE as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to Drama and Charity.

Posted May 2015