Central Library Readers’ Group.

A readers’ group for visually impaired people meets each month at the Central Library. It is usually the last Friday of the month at 10.30am. Forthcoming dates are:

28th March

25th April

23rd May

27th June

The group chooses books from the RNIB Talking Books service, so everyone gets their own copy at the right time. A member of staff from the library facilitates the group and helps to order the books. Members read a range of fiction, and some non-fiction, reading the same book, and discussing it at the meeting. Members are met at the door, and tea and coffee are provided.

For more details please call Elaine Wilkinson on 01733 864277, or email Elaine.Wilkinson@vivacity-peterborough.com

Vivacity Library Link service

Vivacity also provide a Library Link service, whereby volunteers take library books to peoples’ homes if they are unable to get to the library. This includes large print and audio books. For more information contact Jo Henderson (Volunteer Development Officer) on 01733 864167 or email at Jo.Henderson@vivacity-peterborough.com

Please click here to visit the Central Library website or contact them on the details below.

Peterborough Central Library




01733 864280