RNIB are offering people with sensory loss help to gain basic skills and the confidence to use technology and the internet. If you have little or no experience of being online, feel your skills need updating or have recently acquired sensory loss and need to learn new ways to get and stay online, they may be able to help.

“Our aim is to help people gain skills that allow them to enjoy the benefits of being online and understand how it can help with everyday living. There is so much more we could be doing to improve the lives of those with sight loss through technology. Online Today will open up opportunities, increase equality as a consumer, improving access to information and letting you engage in a way that was previously only open to a minority of people with sight loss.” Lynn Green, RNIB Group Volunteering Manager

This could be through a variety of ways such as home visits, events, or one-to-one or group sessions and nationwide workshops and events. Staff and volunteers are available to talk through your needs and help you get the most out of being online and staying safe. Support and advice could include:

  • Setting up your email and social media accounts like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook
  • Using Skype to chat online
  • Learning to use a Tablet or eReader such as an iPad and Kindle
  • Setting up and learning to use an iPhone or other smartphone
  • Learning to pay bills and shop online
  • Learning to use a GPS navigation system
  • Providing one to one training in your home (up to six sessions of one hour)
  • sharing tips, training and demos as part of nationwide events and workshops

Please click here to visit the ‘Online Today’ page on their website, phone 0303 123 9999 or email onlinetoday@rnib.org.uk. Online Today will also be attending the Peterborough Low Vision Day on 24 September, so come along and talk to them about your needs. Please click here for more details on the Low Vision Day 2015 event.