Andy Harper who presents Radio Cambridge’s Mid-Morning show got in touch with the PAB and asked if we would be part of a programme tackling discrimination in the work place. The show shares news, views and stories about life in Cambridge and on Monday the 30th June, they invited PAB to talk about some of the difficulties faced by blind and partially sighted people.

In Report number 202 published by the Department for Work and Pensions, 92% of UK employers believe that it is either “difficult” or “impossible” to employ someone with impaired vision. The broadcast aimed to highlight this and the many other types of discrimination which occur in the workplace, from gender to those with a disability. PAB vice chair Norma Wildman was the PAB representative and spoke about different types of discrimination. For those of you who missed the show, here is a brief summary of the points Norma discussed:

  • Institutional Discrimination: When the policies and ethos of a company is detrimental to and inconsiderate of the needs of people with sight loss.
  • Individual Discrimination: resulting from prejudices, that are not acknowledged and dealt with by that individual.
  • PAB Training: How the PAB works with other organisations to provide training and awareness such as our current training of the Eye Clinic staff, who are often not aware of the needs of our members when attending an appointment. We aim to ensure staff in any service or retail establishment understand that people with sight loss are able to lead a rich and fulfilling life providing prejudices and discrimination of others do not overwhelm them.
  • Advocate For Members: How PAB often attends meetings to ensure our members needs are voiced and to help counter discrimination which can occur inadvertently.  
  • Social Activities: Norma finished by talking about the social side of PAB that supports our members, (some of whom may feel isolated) discussing the different events and outings we organise and how none of this would be done without the support from our volunteers.

“I enjoyed talking with Andy and their researchers put me at ease before going on air. The interview, as usual, flew by and you have to make sure you get in all your points before he draws it to a close. I would definitely recommend doing it if you get a chance!” Norma Wildman

If you or someone you know is having difficulties with an employer because of sight problems, please contact the office.