The PAB’s Living with sight loss programme aims to educate people on all aspects of life with a sight condition, from the problems blind and partially sighted have to overcome in their everyday lives, to everything that can be achieved. Many people may not realise they have had contact with someone suffering sight loss and are simply not aware of the issues faced and how they might be able to make a difference to hundreds of lives. The PAB aims to change this by providing first hand accounts by our members through talks and question and answer sessions.

First year pupils at Peterborough High School had their annual visit from the PAB. This year Liz Ebbage and Lisa Dickman went to talk to the children and Lisa was accompanied by her guide dog Bobby – much to the children’s delight!

“The visit was really successful and all the kids enjoyed finding out about our lives. The teacher was great and had been doing lots of pre-work on what life might be like for people with sight loss, looking at people like Helen Keller who was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. All the children had been asked to think about what it would be like for them to lose their sight and what would they would still like to do and achieve. They were particularly interested in how we knew where we were and how we got to different places or ate dinner. There were plenty of amusing questions too like what car do we drive! We also showed them some of the equipment that is available like the liquid level indicator, board games and Braille books that they all enjoyed looking at. I volunteered to give these talks as I think it is important for people to be aware of what other people are coping with and going through” Liz Ebbage

The talks are tailored for the audience – from young children to teenagers and adults. They usually last for around an hour (including question and answer sessions) and a typical talk might include national and local sight loss statistics, personal accounts of life with sight loss from the speaker, demonstrations of some of the aids and equipment available, equipment such as adapted glasses that simulate the different types of sight loss that the audience can try, and a question and answer session where we are happy to answer any questions. We can also talk about ways you can get involved with the PAB or just how to become more aware of people with sight loss.

If your community group, organisation, business or school would like a visit from one of our members, please contact the office.