Please complete the application form below and return by email to by Thursday 21st February.  Please note that CVs alone will not be accepted but you are welcome to submit a copy of your CV with your application.


Office Administrator

20 hours a week.  Office hours Tuesday to Friday 9am to 2pm

Salary: £11,400.00

Job Description

The role of the Office Administrator is to help the charity move forward by planning, co-ordinating and implementing the charity’s activities to meet their aims and objectives.  They are responsible for managing the City Centre office during opening hours.  They will assist the Chair and Committee in their work and will be required to work a minimum of 20 hours a week.  They will ensure all incoming enquires are dealt with, prioritised and delegated to the relevant staff member including following up and assisting where necessary.

Skills required:

  • Highly organised and efficient
  • Highly motivated, creative and innovative
  • Take initiative and be patient and empathetic to the needs of PAB members
  • Excellent communication skills
  • IT literate
  • Appreciate a flexible work environment
  • Previous administration experience, and the ability to plan and manage resources


Record keeping and filing systems

  • Responsible for maintaining accurate and up to date records and for observing legal confidentiality. Implementing and managing office filing systems, both paper and electronic and all other filing related to the general running of the charity.
  • Maintaining contact details for members and volunteers.
  • Maintaining the Charity Log system, inputting relevant data and ensuring staff receive the necessary IT training to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Implementing (and, where necessary, designing) procedures for the smooth running of the charity.

Meeting administration

  • Arrange committee meetings and team meetings for staff.
  • Circulate the necessary paperwork.
  • Take minutes, type up and circulate.

Office Supplies

  • Liaising and negotiating with and sourcing suppliers
  • Ordering stationery supplies as necessary and with approval of the Treasurer.
  • Liaising with printers
  • Re-ordering marketing materials as necessary eg brochures and leaflets and with the approval of the Treasurer.


  • Respond to enquiries from the general public and members
  • Provide information or signpost to relevant organization
  • Delegate enquiries to the relevant staff member, recording entry in Charity Log and assisting or following up as necessary
  • Check telephone messages on a regular basis and change answerphone message as required.
  • Check all incoming post and delegate or respond to as necessary.
  • Responsible for maintaining the ‘info’ mailbox, forwarding emails as necessary and replying to enquires.


  • Ensure IT systems and software are up to date and relevant in order for the charity to carry out its work efficiently
  • Assist staff with IT functions such as setting up emails, updating software and other IT related issue.
  • Employing an IT specialist if required.


  • Preparing and collating information from Trustees and Staff for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Send newsletter to print
  • Prepare in audio on CD and memory stick.
  • Prepare, package and send mail out

Social Media/Marketing

  • Share events and news on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Maintain an online presence
  • Assist with press releases and contacting local media


Maintain and update the PAB website including

  • Updating pages
  • Posting news updates
  • Posting activity updates
  • Updating the activity calendar

PAB Email Mailing List

  • Update members, volunteers, trustees and supporters via email regarding latest news and events.
  • Keep email mailing list up to date.
  • Deal with enquiries that arise

Data Protection

  • To act as Data Protection Officer for PAB
  • Update Privacy and Data Protection Policies as necessary
  • Carry out relevant regular training in relation to Data Protection to ensure staff, trustees and volunteers are aware of necessary changes
  • To report breaches immediately to PAB Trustees


Assisting in organising fundraising events and activities including:

  • Keeping records of location of collection tins
  • Updating fundraising supplies as necessary eg balloons and stickers.
  • Assisting the Trustees and Volunteers as necessary including promoting events and providing necessary materials.

200+ Club

Help to administer the 200+ club in the absence of a volunteer.

  • Promoting membership
  • Sending renewals
  • Recording renewals and payments
  • Sending winning payments
  • Keeping records in Charity Log