This year’s PCVS (Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services) Annual Volunteer Awards were held on January 23rd 2014. This celebration is quite unique to Peterborough and offers recognition for the work carried out by volunteers in order to create a better community. Volunteers come from many walks of life and give their time and energy freely in helping many groups, organizations and charities meet their goals.

Each year, local charities can acknowledge an individual for their amazing and outstanding contribution to others by nominating them for a volunteer award. Nominations may be based on length of service, commitment and dedication, outstanding performance or for any other reason their coordinator feels they deserve recognition.

This year the PAB nominated Ev Beaver for her work with the PAB Diners’ Club. The club is a social event involving good food and good company – meeting each month at a different venue in or near Peterborough that has a great selection of food and a good ambiance. Ev has been coordinating these evenings since 2005, booking suitable venues, confirming places, organising transport and guiding people around the venue.

Many visually impaired people feel self conscious about eating out in restaurants for fear that people are watching them, so this is a great way to be surrounded by people who are all going through the same experience. It is also a good opportunity to meet new people and experience different places that you might not normally be able to go to – so the PAB is very grateful to Ev and her dedication to the PAB over the last 9 years. Gillian Beasley, CEO of Peterborough City Council, can be seen above presenting the certificate to Ev. The full size picture can be seen on the gallery page. Please click here for more information on the PAB Diners’ Club.

Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (PCVS) is a registered charity set up by local organisations in 1980 as an umbrella and network organisation to the voluntary sector in Peterborough. Local charities, voluntary and community groups, self-help groups and statutory organisations can access their services. They provide a wide range of support services to both member groups such as the PAB, and the wider community.

If Ev has inspired you to volunteer then please get in touch. We have volunteer roles for everyone (no matter how much time you have or what your skills are!) and your support will really make a difference to people with sight loss across Peterborough.