Did you know that Peterborough City Hospital has an Ophthalmology Service Users Group? PAB committee members Alan MacFarlane and Mandy Thompson attend on our behalf (and also on behalf of the Macular Society), but the group is open to any individuals who have good ideas about how the Eye Clinic experience could be improved and feedback opinions on the services offered.

At the last meeting on 11 December 2014, Alan and Mandy heard about the improvements planned for the coming months resulting from the review undertaken by the former Medical Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital.

We understand that over the next six months the Eye Department will be moving towards “firm” working where each patient will be assigned to a specific team working with a named Consultant who will specialise in your particular condition. The hospital is also working to manage the provision of appointments more effectively, which hopefully will reduce waiting times.

The clinic staff are approaching these changes very positively under the direction of a new lead consultant Mr Sumit Dhingra who took over in January.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the office for more details.