Many of you will know about the group of 5 cyclists from the Catepillar group who entered this year’s London to Brighton cycle ride to raise funds and awareness for the PAB. The event took place on Sunday 6th September and was a 54 mile cycle ride across a rather hilly route from London to Brighton – not at all like the flat fens around Peterborough!

We are very happy to announce that all five riders completed the course in just under 4 hours which is an amazing achievement for a novice team  – two of whom were bikeless until a few weeks ago! So a massive THANK YOU to Anand Varu, Lia Young, Eric Siecker, Eric Braun and Kevin Earle. We really appreciate all the effort and time you gave up to train and complete the event. Click here to see more pictures in the gallery page.

“When some friends and colleagues suggested a charity bike ride for Peterborough Association for the Blind, it struck me as a good cause. As I get older my eyesight is getting worse and I realise how difficult life would be with severe sight issues. We had a great day – we set out from a chilly Clapham Common at about 6.45am and we made it to Brighton around 12.30pm. Just in time for fish and chips and a beer on the sea front. The logistics of getting 10 people and their bikes to central London and then back from Brighton was an achievement in its own right! Thanks so much for all your support, messages and very generous sponsorship.” Lia Young, London to Brighton cyclist.

The group set out hoping to raise £700 for PAB, but with gift aid and other cash donations they have exceed the £2,000 mark. This will obviously make a huge difference to people living with sight loss in our area – so thank you again on behalf of the PAB and all of our service users.