Due to staffing difficulties, the Peterborough Sight office is closed until further notice. The trustees very much regret this.


At a meeting on 11 August 2021, your Trustees received information on the possible options for the way ahead for Peterborough Sight from CEO.

Deafblind UK CEO CamSight. Both organisations offered full support but it was clear that CamSight’s focus and plans are Cambridge-based.

Four options were considered, two of which required Peterborough Sight to continue to be governed by its own Trustees. This is not acceptable to your Trustees who no longer wish to manage PS affairs. The third was to close completely and leave our members to find support elsewhere.

This too was not acceptable. The final option was to join with another charity.

Your trustees unanimously voted to throw in their lot with Deafblind UK not least because over 50 of Peterborough Sight members are already members of Deafblind UK which is Peterborough based and has the capacity and dedicated staff to secure the professional continuation of services and support to Peterborough citizens and their families where there is sight loss.

There will be a public meeting on 15th September, 11:00 at the Westgate Church in the centre of the city where members will be given more information, have their questions answered and be asked to vote on the new way forward.

Trustees apologise totally for the current disruption but feel the potential collaboration with Deafblind UK is the best way ahead so that services and support can continue in a more sustainable manner.

Meanwhile, please address all inquiries to:

Tel: 01733344844

Email: info@peterboroughsight.org.uk