Our values are central to how we work. PAB is an organisation made up of people. We work with and for people. We raise money from people who believe our work is important. The emphasis of our strategy is on people, their independence, support and wellbeing. Our mission is to inspire change and create opportunities that enable blind and partially sighted people to have an improved quality of life.

We have a responsibility to offer every blind or partially sighted person the same opportunities in society as everyone else, whilst recognising additional support may be required to enable each individual to meet their full potential. In achieving the aims of our mission, we recognise the following basic values as contributing to quality of life:

  • Respect
  • Openness and honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

The charity’s primary objects are to benefit those persons in the Peterborough and district area who are eligible to be registered as blind or partially sighted by providing, or encouraging the provision of, services which facilitate independence in daily living activities and full integration into society.

We believe that blind and partially sighted people should not have to struggle to find information essential to improving their quality of life. We also believe that family, friends  and carers of visually impaired people, should receive  training and ongoing support to allow them to maintain their own quality of life

PAB craft club
PAB visit to Mile Tree Brewery, Peterborough