As well as insuring that the day to day lives of our visually impaired people are improved, we also work hard to insure that people continue to have a good social life, keep involved in the community, and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Coming to terms with having a sight problem can be tough and dealing with the emotional and practical impact of changes to your sight can be overwhelming. Talking to people who have gone through, or are going through similar experiences can be a great comfort. That’s why the PAB organises, or has involvement with lots of social outings and sporting events throughout the year. Being around people who refuse to let sight loss stop them enjoying a busy social life can be an inspiration for everyone and just the encouragement some people need. Many of our activities are run by Visually impaired people, so they know firsthand the difficulties and fears that new members may face.

We want visually impaired people to have the same opportunities as sighted people to access and enjoy sport and recreational activities for improving physical health and self esteem. With some modest adaptations of rules and equipment, many sports are still accessible and widely played – for example playing cricket with a size 4 audible ball, or using a sighted or audio guide to help guide you to the tee in golf. There are also sports such as “goalball”, which are played by blind and partially sighted people only.

Whether it is taking part in a leisure activity, being a spectator, or just getting away from it all, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy. These pages show some of the regular activities our members take part in and details about each event. If you used to participate in a sport or event that we are not involved in yet, and need help finding a suitable venue, please contact us and we will do our best to work with you to find somewhere suitable.

Social activities are also a great opportunity for careers too. Maybe you would appreciate a short break from caring to rest and relax, or perhaps you would like to join in the activities where you can meet other carers and have a good chat or swap advice and support.

In some circumstances we can provide transport but due to our funding needs, this is not always possible. If you would like to take part in an event or activity but are having difficulty getting there, please contact us and we will try our best to organise something for you.

If you have an event or social activity that you would like us to promote or feature, please get in touch by telephoning the office on 01773 344 844.