Postponing our Annual General Meeting

We had planned to hold our PAB Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27th January 2021 and were really hoping that it would be possible to meet face to face by then, but sadly it is very unlikely that that will be possible.

Although we could have run it “virtually” understandably, we have had a very poor response from members wishing to attend, and it is clear that many of the people who would normally participate do not feel able to do so.

The committee have therefore decided we must postpone for the time being. The PAB AGM was already late according to our constitution but we have taken advice and the Charity Commission are likely to be understanding, so I will be contacting them to explain why we have decided not to go ahead just at the moment. It is likely that we cannot re-schedule the AGM until at least April, by which time Peterborough Sight should be in operation. The AGM can then close the business of PAB completely.

Mandy Thompson, Secretary


The AGM is a little more complicated this time. At present two charities exist, PAB and Peterborough Sight. Trustees have agreed we should dissolve PAB and transfer all assets to Peterborough Sight on 1 April 2021. So, when we elect Trustees, we will be electing committee members for both PAB and Peterborough Sight to close PAB and be in place and ready to take the new organisation onwards and upwards.

As you know Sylvia has stepped down as Chair, and other long-standing committee members are not seeking re-election. We have three enthusiastic and capable co-opted members who will be standing but new committee members would be very welcome.

If you would like to stand or would like to nominate somebody, please contact If you want to learn more about being a trustee and committee member and how this helps Peterborough Sight to provide the support that local people with serious sight problems deserve, Mandy will be happy to have a chat with you and can be contacted at or at any of the above numbers.

There will be more details in the March 2021 newsletter.