PAB are sorry to announce that due to the present situation with the Corona Virus we have suspended the 200 Club draws until further notice.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this action.

For those of you who have not come across a 200+ club before, it is a monthly lottery draw with a top prize of £50. The 200+ Club scheme raises vital money for PAB and also gives you a chance of winning your money back each month (and more!) so is a great fundraising scheme to be part of! Half the subscriptions are given as prize money and the balance goes into the funds for helping visually impaired people in Peterborough.

How it Works

More than 200 people buy one or more ‘shares’ per year. Half the total sum raised goes to PAB and the other half is distributed on a monthly basis to winning ‘shareholders’ whose share numbers have been drawn.

The cost of each yearly share is £12 (£1 for each month). Shareholders may hold more than one share and each share is numbered. That number belongs to the member to whom it is allocated for as long as he or she is a paid-up member of the 200+ Club. All shares purchased in a calendar month will be included in the next month’s draw.

All share numbers are included in each monthly draw which is made by at least two PAB trustees. Each month there are prizes of £50, £30 and £20, except in June and December when there is a single prize of £100. 

Who can Join?

Anyone can join the PAB 200+ Club, PAB members, friends and family, supporters or volunteers.

Buy Someone a  Gift

Why not buy a share as a gift for someone? It makes a great present, especially if they win additional gifts throughout the year! If you would like to do this, simply register the name and address of the person you are buying the share for.

The draw takes place every month and winners are announced in the quarterly PAB newsletter and on this website. For more details on how to take part, please contact the PAB office on 01733 344 844.  Download the 200+ Club rules and subscription form found below.

In the April 2021 draw of the 200+ Club, the winners were;

1st prize (£50) – Martin Lucas

2nd prize (£30)  – Vera Hall

3rd prize (£20) –  Alan Joyce

In the May 2021 draw of the 200+ Club, the winners were;

1st prize (£50) – David Wren

2nd prize (£30)  – Ray Abell

3rd prize (£20) –  Joanne Barber

In the June 2021 draw of the 200+ Club, the winner was;

1st prize (£100) – J O’Rouke

In the July 2021 draw of the 200+ Club, the winners were;

1st prize (£50) –  Mr M Gamble

2nd prize (£30)  – Maggie Arthur

3rd prize (£20) – Mr M Gamble