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Every day more people are waking up feeling lonely and frightened finding themselves having to cope with low vision or blindness and not knowing who can help

But you can help …..

YOU can make a difference to people facing another long day coping with low vision or blindness and give them back their independence

How Peterborough Association for the Blind are helping

  • We hold various weekly group activities bringing together lonely and isolated people to share experiences, meet up with old friends or make new ones. We organise trips and outings for people who would not be able to get out, bringing people together to help stop loneliness.
  • We carry out a ring-a-round service to continually support our members in their own homes. With empathy, concern and warmth each member is contacted by one of our volunteers via the phone to provide vital support.
  • We offer a service for information and advice by telephone, email or via our website. We also share information and advice through our website and social media helping to keep members up to date with any concerns that they may have.
  • We provide a service that signposts members to organisations who can help with equipment to aid their day to day tasks. There are many pieces of equipment available to help, including talking clocks and watches, lighting, large and tactile playing cards, large button phones.
  • We provide a monthly IT advice and support group for a range of technologies including PCs, smart phones, tablets, home hubs.

How can YOU help…….

A donation as little as £5 will pay for a member to attend a weekly activity or funding to help organise an outing or trip

Your donation will help PAB be there for people living with low vision or blindness making them feel less frightened or alone and together we can make that difference

Please donate today by pressing the red button

Thank you