For more than 100 years Peterborough Association for the Blind has depended upon the generosity of Peterborough residents. Every 15 minutes someone in the UK begins to lose their sight and there are two million people living with sight loss in the UK right now. That number is currently growing by another 100 people every day so increased funding will be essential. That’s why PAB need more people to get involved in their spare time and help generate essential funds on our behalf.

Whatever your skills or interests, there will always be a way that you can help the PAB. We have given you some ideas below and if you would like advice on how to start fundraising, please contact us.

Shope from the comfort of your own home and donate to PAB

PAB have signed up to a few online fundraising shopping sites.  When you shop on these sites you will find the exact same low prices, selection and convenient shopping experience with the added bonus that these sites will donate a portion of the purchase price to your selected charity, which we hope will be PAB, at no extra cost to you.  The sites we have signed up to are AmazonSmile, Virgin Money Giving and Easyfundraising.

If you do not use the internet, you can still do your bit for PAB by spreading the word to everyone you know.

Street Collections

We need lots more volunteers who can help with our street collection campaigns. These work well anywhere that there are lots of passing people such as outside supermarkets and shopping centres. Not only do collections generate funds but they also raise the profile of the Association. We can help with collection tins, brochures and obtaining permission from different venues.

Shop Collecting Tins

If you own a shop or organisation, or know someone who does, you might be able to put one of our collecting tins in a prominent place (next to the till or on a counter) to capture any loose change people have.

Home Collection Jar
PAB asks all members, families and friends to have a collecting jar at home to use for collecting loose change in. They all add up to a useful contribution.


Being paid to do something you enjoy (or don’t enjoy!) is a great way to get people sponsoring you. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor distance running and cycling rides, fasts, not talking for the day, being tied to someone else for the day, dressing up, sitting in a bath of beans… the list is endless! The more wacky or scary, the more people are likely to give! And don’t forget to tell the local radio and papers that you are doing a sponsored event as they may want to run a feature on it!

It’s easy to set up an on line sponsorship page with Virgin Money Giving! Scroll down for more information or click here to visit our page and then click on the blue ‘start fundraising’ button to set up your very own Virgin Money Giving page which you can email to all your friends and family.

If you prefer to use a printed sponsorship form, these are available on request so please contact the office for more details.


Fundraising is a great way to get involved with our charity and provides us with an essential source of income. Fundraising does not need to be a huge undertaking – you can dedicate as much or as little time to it as you feel. From dress down days at work to organising a sporting event, every penny you make is vital to our work. Below are a list of some of the more popular fundraising events that might get you inspired. People are more likely to participate if it is fun or if there is a prize involved, but our first tip is to plan your fundraising! This way you’ll make the most of all the opportunities and networks open to you. Have a think of all the different groups of people you could approach for support.

Fundraising ideas to get you thinking!

  • Donations instead of cards – instead of sending cards at work, ask all your colleagues to make a donation to PAB instead. Put a big poster on the wall for people to write their greetings. Not only will you raise funds but you are also being environmentally friendly by not wasting all those cards that get thrown away!
  • Ask a local school to hold a fancy dress or non-uniform day with pupils donating £1 to take part.
  • Hold a quiz night. Sell tickets or ask people to make a donation. You could even sell raffle tickets on the night!
  • Bag packing/collection at your local supermarket – ask your friends to help. You will need to get permission from the supermarket. They do book up well in advance so you will need to plan for this and contact them early. This can raise over £300.
  • Sell cakes and biscuits.
  • Donate 15 mins of your salary. Every 15 minutes, someone in the UK begins to lose their sight – 15 minutes can change someone’s life forever.
  • Organise a sponsored swim at your local pool ? You can hand out flyers to your neighbours, friends, family and colleagues directing them to a make a donation on a Virgin Money Giving page.
  • Organise a raffle at a local community hall or event and ask local companies/contacts to donate prizes.
  • Organise a mini sporting tournament against your club’s rivals. Charge an entry fee and give a portion out as prize money and donate the rest to the PAB. You could even have a pitch collection or a quiz night in the club bar afterwards.
  • Have a BBQ or party – charge people who attend £10 with proceeds going to the PAB
  • Sponsored fancy dress at work. Set a theme (e.g. fairy tales) or colour and charge people to dress up for the day. There could be a vote for the best costume with a price for the winner!
  • Lucky dip. Buy some sweets, and a couple of little gifts. Wrap each item in newspaper, and fill a bucket with these and some torn up paper, (shredder paper is good for this). Charge £1 donation for one dip and £2 for three dips.
  • Feeling artistic? Try face painting at a local fair. Have a few simple designs, (star, butterfly) and charge £2 donation per design.
  • Sell your old clothes and books at a car-boot sale or on Ebay. Have a clear out and raise money for the PAB at the same time!
  • Have office competitions such as guess the baby picture, ‘whose embarrassing story is it’ or work related quiz. Put information on your company intranet or email your colleagues. Charge £2 to enter and give a prize to the winner.
  • Ask your company if they will ‘match’ what you raise – many companies support charities in this way and will match what you raise £ for £, potentially doubling your fundraising efforts.
  • See if your employer will make a donation from their charity budget.

Need help fundraising?

If you don’t know where to start or you need a bit of help completing your event, we can run through your ideas  with you (What you are doing? When it is happening? Where is it happening? Do you need to book a venue? Who is going to help you?). We can supply you with display literature and collecting tins and provide publicity for your event on our website. We may be able to put you in contact with other local fundraisers if appropriate.

Please don’t forget to take lots of photo of your event so we can show them in our news section and in our gallery for all our members and supporters to see.

Virgin Money Giving

If you decide to organise or take part in a sponsored event there is an easy way to increase your donations. The PAB use Virgin Money Giving to collect on line donations on our behalf, and you can set up a free personal fundraising page to collect sponsorship on our behalf too. This will save you time and effort when collecting sponsorship money from friends and family – and it’s incredibly simple to set up. Virgin Money Giving allows people to donate securely and tax-efficiently on your webpage by credit or debit card. The money is sent directly to our bank account, saving you time and effort trying to collect cash or cheques later.

Using this website also helps to reduce our administration costs, ensuring more of your money goes straight to those people who need it the most. Virgin Money Giving will also reclaim the 25% tax on every pound donated by UK taxpayers in the Gift Aid scheme, so your gift goes even further.

To set up your very own Virgin Money Giving, click here to visit our page and click on the blue ‘start fundraising’ button to set up your very own page. Once your page is up and running, you will have a unique Virgin Money Giving  web address and link. You can email this to your friends, family, contacts and work colleagues and ask them to sponsor you online. It is a free service that is quick, simple and easy to use for everyone. Once your page is set up you will have more time to spend on training or organising your event and need to spend less time collecting money.

Please click here for more information on Virgin Money Giving.