If like many of our blind and visually impaired members you struggle to leave your home, you may feel isolated from the community or lonely if your family and friends do not live close by. Our Befriending scheme means we have trained volunteers who can visit you in your home for an hour or so a week, either for a coffee and a chat, or to help you get out of the house.

“I was interested in doing some voluntary work, to support local blind and partially sighted people, so I contacted the PAB to see what volunteering roles they had available. I was very interested in the befriending service and before long I was introduced to Peggy. Initially, I did have concerns about whether we would get along, but I need not have worried as Peggy and I clicked straight away and we always have plenty to talk about! I am so pleased I decided to volunteer as I get so much out of it. I love the fact that I make a difference to Peggy’s life but I also really look forward to seeing her as she makes me smile. I would definitely recommend the befriending service to anyone who is considering volunteering.” Marie Beaney – PAB volunteer

This is not intended as a home help service, but to give you companionship and to keep you informed of other ways in which the PAB can help and support you further. We will visit you to find out more about you (your needs and interests) and then match you to a suitable volunteer. The days, times and duration of the visits may need to be flexible but the PAB will work hard to make sure they are convenient for everyone.

“I would like to see more people because I get lonely on my own. I worry all the time about my hospital appointments and how I’m going to manage on my own. When Marie comes to visit, she reassures me, helps me read some post and stops me from worrying so much. Marie has been coming for about 5 months now. We chat about each other’s lives and what we have been doing since we last met. The befriending service is excellent – time just fly’s by and I really look forward to Marie visiting.” Peggy – PAB member

If you think you would like to be part of the scheme, or know someone who would, please contact Donna volunteer coordinator on 01733 344 844.