Peterborough Talking Newspaper is a local charity that has been providing a service to its members for thirty years. They provide a weekly news and a monthly magazine to about 250 listeners. The weekly news is made up from articles from the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and the magazine is a compilation of information and entertainment articles.

Peterborough Talking Newspaper offers a visiting service for new members to help them to enjoy the service and to receive their digital player which is provided in exchange for a small voluntary donation. They are very proud of all their loyal helpers who regularly support them each week to produce the news and the magazine .

Peterborough Talking Newspapers is funded by local business and fund raisers. Apart from special purchases of new equipment, their costs are minimal as they have a team of 50 volunteers and don’t have any studio costs for recording the weekly news.  Copying and distribution also take place at a local library who are pleased to provide us with accommodation.

If you would like to receive the talking newspaper and magazine, please contact them directly to find out more on 01733 231 894 or email on